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Welcome to RAX by Radically Inclined, creating premium handcrafted cedar wood racks for skis, fishing rods, skateboards, snowboards, snowshoes and more. Our attractive racks are made from 100% sustainable Western Red Cedar and provide display & storage solutions for your home, rental shop hotel or retail store.

Wall Ski Racks

Wall ski racks for display and storage

Finally! Hand made, quality ski racks for your home, ski condo or mountain cabin!

Floor Ski Racks

Floor ski racks for display and storage

These are the best ski storage on the market and work perfectly with all types of skis.

Fishing Rod Racks

Fishing rod racks for display and storage

Beautiful top quality Fishing Rod Racks made out of 100% sustainable Western Red Cedar.

Wall Snowboard Racks

Wall snowboard racks for display and storage

An awesome way to display and store your snowboards at home or in the shop.

Floor Snowboard Racks

Floor snowboard racks for display and storage

The ultimate snowboard storage solution. These look great in any home or mountain cabin.

Skateboard Racks

Skateboard racks for display and storage

A radical new way to lay up your skateboards at home or in your store.

Snowshoe Racks

Snowshoe racks for display and storage

The mystery of storing Snowshoes - Solved!

Commercial Racks

Commercial racks for display and storage

Ski, skateboard and snowboard display and storage for your retail or rental shop.

Paddle Racks

Paddle Racks for display and storage

New for 2010, a great super space efficient way to store your kayak and canoe paddles.

RAX are a radical change from your standard outdoor sports equipment storage, yet they are so simple and aesthetically appealing. How many of us have stored our expensive equipment in a pile in the darkest dirtiest corner of the garage only to have to move them or knock them down numerous times throughout the year? Radically Inclined crafts beautiful, hand-made, furniture quality storage racks that efficiently help people take care of their expensive investment. We have beautifully hand crafted floor models, the less expensive Wall RAX, plus many more sizes and configurations. We also can create custom racks to fit any of your needs. These simple and innovative storage racks not only work great, but come complete, are easy to mount, and look awesome in any home or ski cabin!

RAX by Radically Inclined is an earth friendly product built only from locally grown renewable second/third growth Western Red Cedar. Our cedar is naturally water resistant so it will stand up to years of storing wet equipment. Radically Inclined does not use any chemically treated lumber that can be harmful to the environment. There is almost zero waste from the Radically Inclined production facility. All wood shavings and sawdust is reused for kitty litter, trail paths or firewood. All packaging is reutilized cardboard. All RAX are handmade right here in Washington State, USA.

Commercial RAX are an innovative concept in ski, skateboard and snowboard storage for rental shops, resorts, hotels and condominiums, and the 100% tongue and groove cedar exterior looks awesome in any setting. The clever design helps ski, skate and snowboard shops save floor space as well as increase operating efficiency in any size rental operation. The space efficient RAX 16 holds 16 sets of skis in a 16" by 41" area while the Snowboard RAX hold 16 boards - with bindings - in a 2 ft by 4 ft area. Commercial RAX come with heavy duty rolling casters so shops can move skis or boards where they want them, when they need them. They can also roll the RAX out of the way to condense storage, using 33% less space than any of the popular storage systems on the market today. FAT RAX can accommodate ski widths up to 128mm tails and works great for twin tip skis, kids skis and x-country. Super FAT RAX can accommodate ski widths up to 152mm tails.

RAX Brand RAX signature
Every RAX logo is individually fire heat branded, plus each RAX is personally signed, dated and numbered by the craftsman making your RAX.

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