Ski Rack, Corner 8

Corner RAX 8

Nice Ski Rack Set

Ski RAX 12 & 6


Ski Rack 12

Ski RAX 12

Super Fat Ski Rack, Corner 8

Super Fat RAX Corner 8

Floor Ski Racks – you can store from 4 to 32 pair of skis

RAX are top quality, hand made cedar construction and will last for decades! Floor racks  work great for all skis – twin tips, reverse camber, Nordic and kids skis.

All classic ski racks have a beautiful and durable Tongue and Groove Cedar exterior.

  • 100% hand crafted sustainable Western Red Cedar
  • Beautiful hand rubbed finish to display your equipment nicely
  • Each RAX is fire heat branded, signed, dated and numbered on the bottom by the craftsman
  • Regular Ski Racks hold skis up to 102mm at the tail
    • Perfect for cross-country and skinnier skis
  • Fat Ski Racks hold skis up to 128mm at the tail
    • The right choice for most alpine skis
  • Super Fat Ski Racks hold skis up to 152mm at the tail.
    • Your a powder hound? These are the ticket for your super fat powder skis


Regular Classic Ski Rack (102mm)



Fat Classic Ski Rack (128mm)



Super Fat Classic Ski Rack (152mm)


Flat rate ground shipping is included on all orders over $70 in the contiguous US. Please contact us prior to placing your order about additional shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, US territories & Canada, or for other shipping options.


We have a RAX to fit all of your storage and display needs. If you have any questions about which model is best for you, please contact us and we will make sure you get exactly the right RAX. Custom RAX are also available to fit your specific needs.

Naked Floor FAT Ski RAX, 12 skis
Naked Floor Ski Racks – you can store from 4 to 32 pair of skis

Naked RAX have no tongue and groove exterior panels – a little less expensive, but the same top quality.

Regular Naked Ski Rack (102mm)



Fat Naked Ski Rack (128mm)



Super Fat Naked Ski Rack (152mm)


Ski Storage Rack, Ski Valet 8

Fat RAX Ski Valet 8

Ski Valet Racks – you can store from 4 to 8 pair of skis, boots and poles, 

The Ski Valet will safely store your skis, boots, and poles, all in one attractive convenient unit.

Fat Classic Ski Valet (128mm)



Super Fat Classic Ski Valet (152mm)


Ski Pole Rack

Ski Pole RAX

Ski Pole RAX
Do you have a mess of ski poles? Well get them out of the pile and organized
nicely on the wall. You can even use this RAX to hang jackets, hydration packs or just about anything! Each peg will hold from 4 to 5 pair of ski poles.


Do you want your RAX to be mobile? Wheel kits are excellent for rolling your skis to your car or having the option to easily move them when the seasons change. Note: Wheel Kits add 2 1/2″ – 3″ to the height of a Floor RAX.

Accessories, 4 Wheel Kit

4 Wheel Kits are not recommended for any of the one row floor models.

4 Wheel Kit: $45

RAX 5 Wheel Kit

All of the Corner 8 floor models with a wheel option require a 5 Wheel Kit for stability.

5 Wheel Kit:$54